Essence of the project


The sculpture represents the European Union in the form of a classic vase with proportional measurements.

The Vase is painted in dark blue color, which is the color of the European flag, as a basic ground upon which the flags of the member countries are situated.

The dimensions of the sculpture may reach up to – height 13 m. and a diameter 5.40 m.

It stands on a base in the form of a cube (6m x 6m) which is driven by a special rotating mechanism.

There are four big monitors in the cube upon which short films are running about history, culture, and the traditions of member countries of EU. Also some advertisements about the donors of the project are shown.

The vase is modelled in the classic tradition and it is symbolic for European Union long life and stability and also the opportunities of each country member to develop its own potential, tradition and culture within the European family.

The Dome which hosts the sculpture is in the form of an ancient Cathedral and it gives you the feeling that you find yourself under the European Sky.

The Dome is a hemisphere, made of light blue non transparent glass with metal silver arcs parallel to the Earth’s network of meridians.

In the center of the hemisphere there is the map of Republic of Bulgaria. Around it are arranged ancient and modern symbols of the country s history and culture - Black sea coast, Bulgarian alphabet, Rosa Damascena, a girl in traditional folklore costume, The Cliffs of Luda Yana Riverside, The Madara Horseman, The Underground Tunnel to ancient capital Pliska, The Rhodopa Thracian settlement of Perperikon, The Rila Monastery, a golden Thracian Rhyton, the Ancient Plovdiv.

The Hall is multifunctional in which different events may take place such as discussions, meetings, exhibitions which are planned to develop creativity in young people.

The place where the Dome is situated must correspond to the surrounding environment and give the opportunity to a lot of people to visit it.